Become a Speaker at
ShinyConf 2023

We invite members of the R community to submit talks for this year’s
all-virtual ShinyConf by Appsilon on March 15-17, 2023!

Any talks relating to R Shiny are acceptable for consideration – whether the talk is about a Shiny app you’ve created, an introduction to a package you have developed, or an explanation of how you are using Shiny in your research or business.

We especially encourage topics related to:

ShinyConf 2023 topic category: Shiny in Life Science

Shiny in life

ShinyConf 2023 topic category: Shiny + Javascript

+ Javascript

ShinyConf 2023 topic category: Learning Communities


ShinyConf 2023 topic category: Shiny in Business

in Business

ShinyConf 2023 topic category: Testing best practices
Best practice:


ShinyConf 2023 topic category: CI/CD pipeline best practices
Best practice:

CI/CD Pipelines

ShinyConf 2023 topic category: Shiny for Good

For Good

ShinyConf 2023 topic category: Shiny Modules


ShinyConf 2023 topic category: offloading jobs and externalizing data

Offloading jobs and externalizing data

ShinyConf 2023 topic category: Shiny in Government

Shiny in Local Government

Shiny in life science

For Good

Learning Communities


Best practice:


Best practice:

CI/CD Pipelines

Best practice:

Offloading jobs and externalizing data

Shiny + Javascript

Shiny in Business

Shiny in Local Governments

The abstracts will be peer-reviewed by a committee of Appsilon team members, Posit team members, and external members of the Shiny community.

In addition to regular talks, we are also accepting submissions for Shiny apps to be included in the conference’s Shiny App Showcase, as well as 15- 20 minute Video Tutorials on Shiny features.

Submit your abstract proposal by January 8, 2023.

1. Regular Talk:

Regular talks will be limited to 15 minutes. There will be an additional 5 minutes for questions at the end of each talk after 15 minutes. Most regular talks should be presented live (virtually via video streaming) during the conference. Regular talks should be presented in English. Some exceptions may be made for talks delivered in French, Spanish, and Portuguese. But all abstracts must be submitted in English to be considered. Please consider the following guidelines when submitting an abstract for a regular talk:

a) Successful submissions for regular talks are typically backed by an active repository (in the case of a package), a technical report, a preprint, or an accepted manuscript at the time of review. If this does not apply to your work, please consider presenting a poster + elevator pitch instead.

b) Your presentation should be directly related to R Shiny. If you are using Shiny in the context of a larger project, it’s perfectly acceptable to submit a talk about how Shiny is being used in this larger context.

c) Talks should be original and directly related to the speaker’s work or the work of the speaker’s team.

d) If accepted, you must submit your completed presentation slides for review no later than February 22, 2023.

e) Abstracts are a maximum of 250 words. 

2. Shiny App Showcase:

You may submit your app for our Shiny App Showcase, which will be a gallery of Shiny Apps accompanied by 5-10 minute pre-recorded video walkthroughs of the app’s features. These can be commercial apps or open-source apps. 

a) The app must be the speaker’s own work, or the speaker has explicit written permission from the creator of the app to present it. 

b) There must currently be a working version of the app for review upon submission, even if it is not the final version. If possible, please provide us access to an active repository.

c) If accepted, you must deploy a live version of the app that is explorable by conference attendees and create a pre-recorded video walkthrough of your app on or before February 22, 2023. 

3. Tutorial:

You may submit a 15-20 minute Shiny tutorial of a specific Shiny feature, which will be streamed at the conference and later posted to Appsilon’s YouTube channel and blog. You may submit either a completed tutorial or an idea for a tutorial with a 1-minute+ sample video. 

a) You must submit a minimum 1-minute self-recorded video sample tutorial along with a written abstract of your tutorial. This can be a preexisting tutorial (for instance, a live YouTube video) or a video created specifically for this submission. You may submit a sample video longer than 1-minute, but 1-minute is the minimum. 

b) We advise not selecting a basic or common topic such as “How to Create a Shiny App.” Rather, we encourage you to discuss a specific Shiny feature or package. Please check to make sure there is not a preexisting high-quality tutorial on the topic you have chosen that is made by another person. 

c) We suggest submitting a link to an unlisted YouTube video with your submission.

d) If accepted, you must submit your completed video tutorial by February 22, 2023.

Call for Submissions is now open!