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Mouna Belaid, Appsilon ShinyConf 2023 Program Committee Member

Mouna Belaid

Mouna Belaid is an engineer in Statistics and Data Analysis, graduated from the Higher School of Statistics and Data Analysis – ESSAI, Tunis and holds a research master’s degree in Data Processing and Complexity of Living Systems from the National School of Engineers of Tunis – ENIT and Paris Descartes University. She is currently a Business Intelligence Consultant at Prime Analytics. She is active in various tech communities where she co-founded PyLadies Tunis and Tunis R User Group. She is also a member of R-Ladies Global and ArabR committees, and lead of R-Ladies Paris community.

Marcin Dubel, , Appsilon ShinyConf 2023 Program Committee Member

Marcin Dubel

Marcin is a Staff Engineer at Appsilon, focusing on establishing and implementing best practices in Appsilon projects. Before joining Appsilon he worked as a Shiny programmer and consultant for a pharmaceutical company. His academic background is in statistics and economics. He is interested in improvements in the process of software development and he enjoys sharing his knowledge with other teams.


Jon Harmon, Appsilon ShinyConf 2023 Program Committee Member

Jon Harmon

Jon runs the R4DS Online Learning Community, a community of R learners at all skill levels working together to improve their skills. He seeks to make it easier for people to learn new skills, and to improve their existing skills. He lives in Austin, Texas, with his spouse, two children, and two large dogs.

Curtis Kephart, Appsilon ShinyConf 2023 Program Committee Member

Curtis Kephart

Curtis was recently an academic economist researching online communities and markets, conducting behavioral and market-structure experiments. Today, he is a part of RStudio’s efforts to support the R and open-source data-science community of users, developers, consultants, and trainers.

Veerle van Leemput, Appsilon ShinyConf 2023 Program Committee Member

Veerle van Leemput

Veerle van Leemput is an entrepreneur who gets excited about data and programming. She is Managing Director and Head of Data Science at Analytic Health, a UK-based start-up company that develops intelligent and accessible technology which gives organisations the tools they need to accelerate innovation in healthcare. She has a Master’s Degree in Data Science and multiple years of experience in the pharmaceutical market. At Analytic Health, she is responsible for managing a team of software developers and data scientists that build software used by pharmaceutical and healthcare companies that seek intelligence to make data driven decisions.

Cosima Meyer, Appsilon ShinyConf 2023 Program Committee Member

Cosima Meyer

As a data scientist, I am passionate about data-driven impact. Being trained at highly ranked universities in Europe and the US throughout my undergraduate and PhD studies, I have specialized in applying advanced quantitative methods — ranging from survival models, generalized additive models, network analysis, machine learning to natural language processing — to answer questions of high societal importance. I use a broad range of statistical programming tools (R, Python, SQL, Tableau, Stata) to analyze projects both for academic and industry settings. With several years of experience working in international interdisciplinary teams at different time zones, I am used to structuring my workflow efficiently and goal-oriented to excel under pressure.

Ian Moore, Appsilon ShinyConf 2023 Program Committee Member

Ian Moore

Ian Moore works on the Appsilon team as the Technical Evangelist, which means that his role is a blend of the sales and marketing teams. Ian receieved his bachelors in Mathematics from the University of Texas specializing in Statistics, Probability, and Number Theory. Since then, Ian has worked as a math educator, Real Estate data analyst, and most recently before joining Appsilon as a Craft Beer bartender. Outside of his normal work, Ian loves to explore new an innovative concepts in the world of Shiny, including hybrid Shiny/React applications and scalable microservice architectures. In addition to his role, Ian is one of the people responsible for Appsilon’s Shiny Weekly newsletter. In his personal life, Ian loves primitive camping and exploring America’s National Parks.

Eric Nantz, Appsilon ShinyConf 2023 Program Committee Member

Eric Nantz

Eric Nantz is a director within the statistical innovation center at Eli Lilly and Company, creating analytical pipelines and capabilities of advanced statistical methodologies for clinical design used in multiple phases of development.

Outside of his day job, Eric is passionate about connecting with and showcasing the brilliant R community in multiple ways. You may recognize his voice from the R-Podcast that he launched in 2012. Eric is also the creator of the Shiny Developer Series where he interviews authors of Shiny-related packages and practitioners developing applications, as well as sharing his own R and Shiny adventures via livestreams on his Twitch channel. In addition, Eric is a curator for the RWeekly project and co-host of the RWeekly Highlights podcast which accompanies every issue.

Jacqueline Nolis, Appsilon ShinyConf 2023 Program Committee Member

Jacqueline Nolis

Dr. Jacqueline Nolis is a data science leader with 15 years of experience in running data science teams and projects at companies ranging from Airbnb to Boeing. 

Jacqueline R expertise includes deploying R into production systems and neural networks in R. For fun, Jacqueline likes to use data science for humor—like using deep learning to generate offensive license plates.

Marek Rogala, Appsilon ShinyConf 2023 Program Committee Member

Marek Rogala

Marek Rogala is CTO at Appsilon, where he focuses on innovation in R, Shiny and applying Machine Learning in business and Data4Good. Passionate about helping people grow, software engineering, recent advances in machine learning, and functional programming. Experienced tech leader, ML and software engineer. He previously worked at Google and at Domino Data Lab, where he was one of the first employees.


Samantha Toet, Appsilon ShinyConf 2023 Program Committee Member

Samantha Toet

Partner Manager at RStudio/Posit. Samantha is a Virginia native with a background in social psychology and statistics. She’s passionate about making data literacy more accessible for everyone, regardless of their means or background. When she’s not using R to analyze hip hop, she’s rewriting nasty math equations in Latex, organizing R-Ladies meetups, or getting her hands dirty in her vegetable garden. She lives with her partner, Nathan, and two big, stinky dogs.

Isabella Velasquez, Appsilon ShinyConf 2023 Program Committee Member

Isabella Velásquez

Isabella is an R enthusiast, first learning the programming language during her MSc in Analytics. Previously, Isabella conducted data analysis and research, developed infrastructure to support use of data, and created resources and trainings to engage technical and non-technical audiences. Her work on the RStudio Marketing team draws on these experiences to create content that supports and strengthens data science teams. In her spare time, Isabella enjoys playing with her tortoiseshell cat, drawing, watching film analysis videos, and hiking in the mountains around Seattle.

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