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Ian Moore, Appsilon ShinyConf 2023 Program Committee Member

Winston Chang

Winston Chang is a software engineer at Posit, PBC, who has served in various roles on the Shiny team, including team lead.

He has contributed to many widely-used packages in the R ecosystem, including Shiny, devtools, and ggplot2, and is the creator of several packages, including shinydashboard, R6, and profvis. Recently he has been busy working on Shiny and Shinylive for Python.

Winston has a Ph.D. in psychology from Northwestern University and is the author of the R Graphics Cookbook, published by O’Reilly Media.

Ian Moore, Appsilon ShinyConf 2023 Program Committee Member

Colin Fay

Colin Fay is a lead developer at ThinkR, a french agency focused on everything R-related.

During the day, he helps companies to take full advantage of the power of R, by building tools and deploying infrastructure. His main areas of expertise are data & software engineering, web applications (frontend and backend), and R in production.

During the night, Colin is also an active open source developer and advocate.

He’s the main developer of the {golem} package, and the lead author of the “Building Production Grade Shiny Apps” book.

Ian Moore, Appsilon ShinyConf 2023 Program Committee Member

Filip Stachura

Filip is a CEO and a Co-founder of Appsilon. He holds a double degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Warsaw. He started his professional career at Microsoft in California. Passionate about data, dataviz, Open Source, and Tech4Good.

Ian Moore, Appsilon ShinyConf 2023 Program Committee Member

Veerle van Leemput

Veerle van Leemput is an entrepreneur who gets excited about data and programming. 

She is Managing Director and Head of Data Science at Analytic Health, a UK-based start-up company that develops intelligent and accessible technology which gives organisations the tools they need to accelerate innovation in healthcare. She has a Master’s Degree in Data Science and multiple years of experience in the pharmaceutical market.

At Analytic Health, she is responsible for managing a team of software developers and data scientists that build software used by pharmaceutical and healthcare companies that seek intelligence to make data driven decisions.

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