3:00 - 3:30 PM - Finding #RStats resources with Shiny and GitHub Actions

Nicola Rennie

One of the best parts of the R community is our love of sharing the things we learn, and many of us use social media to do just that! But in a world where social media can seem endless and somewhat unreliable, it felt like I needed a way to do two things: (i) bookmark links to interesting #RStats content that people share, and (ii) store that information somewhere that would remain accessible if my social media platform of choice ceased to exist. So I did what any R user would - I built a shiny app! Thanks to GitHub Actions, that Shiny app updates daily and displays the updated data in an interactive table. And it does it all while I'm asleep. In this talk I’ll discuss: - Collecting data from Twitter using {rtweet} - Scheduling tasks with GitHub Actions to update data - Triggering app re-deployment with GitHub Actions

Nicola Rennie is a statistician and data scientist, passionate about using R to solve problems. She currently works as a Data Scientist at Jumping Rivers, having previously completed her PhD in statistics and operational research at Lancaster University.
Mon 9:25 am - 12:00 am
Nicola Rennie, RStats