6:45 - 7:15 PM - What can I do to monitor and improve my Shiny App's performance?

Mohamed El Fodil Ihaddaden

A Shiny app comes many JavaScript/css dependencies, R developers tend to ignore this fact and use libraries that add other dependencies to this stack. In this context, a developer needs to think wisely which dependency is worth using. Furthermore, and in the R side, there are many techniques that allow one to develop a smooth and efficient application. For example, one can use more efficient packages, or load the data only when necessary and so on. Finally, when it comes to performance, the web offers a great amount of tools that allows one to monitor and improve the app's efficiency, we can easily mention the network tab in the devtools, the lighthouse, the performance API and many others.

Mohamed El Fodil Ihaddaden has a Ph.D in Economics from the Higher National School of Statistics and Applied Economics (ENSSEA) in Algeria. He works as a R/Shiny developer. He's also the author of many R packages (ralger, cronologia, ddplot among others). In his free time he enjoy watching cool animes, his favorite is Attack on Titans.
Mon 9:13 am - 12:00 am
Mohamed El Fodil Ihaddaden, Performance