2:30 - 3:00 PM - Creating a JavaScript Library for your Shiny Application

Ashley Baldry

You are comfortable writing JavaScript for your shiny applications, but the single script holding all of the JavaScript is becoming unmanageable, now what? Similar to R packages, JavaScript libraries can be built to hold all necessary code and bundled back into a useable script for the shiny application to use.

In this talk will discuss:
- how to set up a JavaScript library within an R package
- how to convert a single script into a library
- how to include the library in a shiny application
- the benefits of using a library over a single script

Ashley is a data scientist at Ascent, specialising in the development of shiny applications. With a strong interest in HTML frameworks and UI design, he is an active member of the R open-source community and is a maintainer of several shiny related packages.
Mon 7:17 am - 12:00 am
Ashley Baldry, JavaScript