7:30 - 8:00 PM - Introduction to {teal} - open source framework to build interactive applications for clinical data analysis

Pawel Rucki & Dony Unardi

In this talk, we would like to present the {teal} package - built internally in Roche and now a fully open-sourced product with a focus on interactive clinical data analysis. Together with a series of other child packages, {teal} is equipped with features to elevate the user's exploratory experiences, such as data filtering, code reproducibility, logging, and report generator. Enriched with multiple complementary analysis R packages, users can get 50+ common analysis modules available for use. In addition, {teal} can provide R developers with a quick and efficient way to create customized shiny modules with different data types. In this talk, we will introduce the {teal} framework, highlight major features, and share how this has been implemented and adopted by thousands of data scientists in our organization. We will also present briefly the way how we achieved that as well as our efforts on open sourcing and collaboration within the pharma industry.

Pawel Rucki is a Principal Data Scientist and Chief Engineer at Roche Switzerland. He co-authored and now became responsible for one of the largest R-based projects within Roche Product Development and the Pharma industry as a whole for clinical reporting and data analytics. Prior to joining Roche, he worked as a consultant on R-based tools for the financial industry. Pawel holds a master's degree in econometrics from University of Warsaw. Dony Unardi is a Data Scientist with more than a decade of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. In the last five years, he has supported the adoption of R and implemented R solutions within his role in Product Development Data Sciences at Roche/Genentech. He authored several internal R packages and Shiny apps, focusing on data curation and harmonization. Dony has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems and is currently the Engineering Team Lead, leading the development effort of the teal framework.
Mon 9:18 am - 12:00 am
Dony Unardi, Pawel Rucki