2:30 - 3:00 PM - Shiny Semantic in Shiny for Python

Pavel Demin

Shiny Semantic in Shiny-for-Python is an early attempt to contribute to the emerging Shiny ecosystem in Python. We used our experience with the shiny.semantic package for R/Shiny to implement its counterpart in another programming language.

During our development process we had an opportunity to experiment with different approaches to the overall package design. These approaches boil down to a simple statement: “I want my package to make the most sense from the perspective of … “ – (1) shiny.semantic implementation in R, (2) the underlying Semanti UI library, (3) PyShiny implementation.

During the talk, I plan to elaborate more on these approaches, how they appeared and how they changed each other naturally. I will also cover the following topics:
How we were able to reuse ideas and code from the existing shiny.semantic package
Why porting a UI components library from R to Python is much less painful than it could be
How does Rhino experience help in writing Python code

Pavel Demin is a self-taught developer with background in social sciences and statistics. Before joining Appsilon as a software engineer in 2021, he used to work as a data analyst empowering the team with the in-house Shiny dashboards and interactive reports. Pavel enjoys multilingual environment with various modern technologies, delivering solutions in R, Python and React. In his free time he likes to travel and listen to music.
Mon 7:22 am - 12:00 am
pavel demin, Python, Semantic