6:15 - 6:45 PM - Mindfulness Break

Ewa Filipiak - Rokicka

  1. Introduction (5 minutes)

  • A brief introduction to mindfulness and its benefits

  1. Mindful Breathing Exercise (5 minutes)
  2. Mindful Stretching (10 minutes)
  3. Mindful Walking (5 minutes)
  4. Gratitude Practice (5 minutes)
  5. Closing (5 minutes)

Hi, my name is Ewa Filipiak-Rokicka. I'm a People Specialist with a passion for psychology. I've worked on well-being projects for the office environment and have been practicing various methods of relaxation and mindfulness with patients at the neurosis unit at a local hospital. When I'm not working, you can find me reading books or on a walk with my dogs in the woods. Originally from Gdańsk/Poland, I currently live in Warsaw.
Mon 8:42 am - 12:00 am